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About Us

Quality Assurance

RoHS/Environmental Protection

All products produced by Taichang Electronics will meet the regulated materials restriction standard of RoHS and Reach.
Taichang will updated all the content test report of these hazardous materials every year.
Meanwhile, Taichang also care about environmental protection. The environmental policy is to prevent pollution, to obey the law, to save energy and reduce waste, and to keep improvement. ISO14001 environmental management system had been certified in 2004. Now Taichang is running on the version of management system ISO14001:2015.

Quality Assurance
Taichang’s quality policy is to keep high quality, to serve the customer, to follow rules and keep improvement. 
All the product will be full tested before delivery. All the materials used will be checked by IQC and environmental tested. ISO9001 quality management system had been certified in 1997. Now Taichang is running on the version of quality management ISO9001:2015.

ISO9001 Certification
ISO14001 Certification

OHSAS18001 Certification